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Plugin for Vtex

VTEX is a leading global commerce and marketplace solution provider.

Plugin for Vtex

Tuna plugin for Vtex#

The Tuna plugin for VTEX allows your store to accept payment without redirecting your customers to external pages. This user experience increases the conversion rates since shoppers feel safer when they have a seamless payment journey in the checkout. Tuna plugin for VTEX is PCI compliant, which means Tuna is certified with rigorous security standards when dealing with card data.

Plugin Installation#

Once you have your Tuna Account, you need to set up a Gateway Affiliation with Tuna in VTEX by following the steps below:

  1. In the admin panel of your store, go to "Settings" of the "Transactions" module.
  2. In the "Gateways Affiliations" tab, click on the green "+" button.
  1. Select the Tuna connector.
  2. Fill in the corresponding fields and click on "Save".

Plugin Settings#

After the Tuna Gateway is added into your VTEX store, you need to access your Console to get your Application Key and Application Token, which will be required for setting up Tuna's solution in VTEX.

You will find both the Application Key and the Application Token in the Account Settings section in the Developer tab.

Don't you have a Tuna Account? Click here to start your registration at Tuna.

You also have to provide an affiliation name for this connection and define the automatic payment capture mode. The options are:

Click on "Save" to submit the setup.

Payment Method and Card Brand Settings#

Once the Tuna Plugin is configured, you must set up the details of the payment methods and card brands that you will offer to your shoppers.

  1. In the admin panel of your store, go to "Settings" of the "Payments" module.
  2. In the "Payment Conditions" tab, click on the "+" button.
  3. Select the desired payment method and card card brand.
  4. Select your Tuna affiliation as processor.
  5. Click on "Save"

What is next?#

Once you have your account and your integration concluded, you can start the setup up of your services and flows in Console. For further details, please check out the Console section.