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Monitor and manage all your transactions from several payment service providers in one single place.



In the Transactions section in Console, you will see all your transactions processed with Tuna. All of them were processed with the settings defined in Console for the services and the flows.

In this page, you will see information about the shopper, processing datetime, the payment method, the amount and the processing status for all transactions that match the criteria of the filter, ordered by processing datetime.

Each payment method has specific statuses for the payment processing. You can find a list of our payment methods here and a list of our payment method status here.

You can download a report with these transactions and see more details of the transactions.

Transaction details#

In the transaction details, you will find more technical, such as logs and timeline of the events, and processing details. There you can also cancel or refund your transactions by items or amount. Until the cancellation is not confirmed by the parties involved, the transaction will appear as "Pending Cancel" status. It means that the shopper has not received the refund yet. It will stay in a pending cancellation list until we receive a response about the cancellation request.